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  When you want to listen to recorded phone sex stories that are as erotic as they are engaging then we have a service that gives you the freedom to pick up the phone and enjoy your very own phone fantasy.
The wide choice of these recorded uk lines are updated on demand so what you have to choose from is some of the most popular recorded phonesex audio on offer via nude numbers.
  Wank Over Our Stockings & Suspenders CALL 0908 082 0756
  You Are So Big It Hurts CALL 0908 082 0757
  Mistress Will Train You CALL 0908 082 0758
  Suck My Toes CALL 0908 082 0759
  Wank Over My Tits CALL 0908 082 0760
  Lick My Sweaty Feet CALL 0908 082 0761
  Emma & Tina CALL 0909 656 1054
  Lesbian Orgy CALL 0909 027 7712
  First Lesbian Experience CALL 0909 027 7713
It's easier to list the recorded situations we don't cover than the ones we do. What we can offer you is a broad range of recorded lines that cover many niches, from the smaller unusual stories to the most popular and continually sought after adult fetishes. Choose from our increasing variety of audio stories that includes many lesbian, masturbation, amateur and domination recorded UK phone sex.
  Sophie Hot Hard Sex CALL 0909 027 7714
  College Girls CALL 0909 027 7715
  Judy & Me Lesbian CALL 0909 027 7716
  Lisa - At A Singles Party Aged 44 CALL 0909 656 1069
  Julie - At The Yoga Class Aged 47 CALL 0909 656 1070
  Emma - In The Car With A Hitch Hiker Aged 50 CALL 0909 656 1071
  Vicky - In The Night Club With 2 Younger Men Aged 52 CALL 0909 027 1072
  A Walk Through The Dungeon CALL 0909 027 1073
  Domination CALL 0909 027 1074
  calls cost £1.50 per minute - callers must be 18 or older - service provided by: PB42, BOX 649A, KT5 9YR
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