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Phone sex numbers from nudenumbers can lead you to very many different adult phone sex experiences. From mainstream calls to niche numbers we can provide you with a continually evolving and unrestricted phone sex service bringing to life all your deepest desires.
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With a large selection of recorded stories i'm sure you'll agree we cater to a wide range of the many varied adult niches available on a phone sex service.
  calls cost £1/£1.50 per minute - callers must be 18 or older - service provided by: PB42, BOX 649A, KT5 9YR
We are constantly improving and updating our adult phone sex services to give you the type of quality sex calls that our return customers will use again and again.
These phone services are available in many different countries and we are always working to improve our coverage throughout the world whilst providing a quality service with a competitive price for your phone sex call.
With a wide range of recorded stories as well as our live phone sex lines we hope we have the call you are looking for. You may be interested in our UK only chat and date service which allows you to make contact with other men and women in your area. Create your own profile and then browse some of the many other profiles direct from our system before picking from our database of prospective partners.
For a more voyeuristic experience we have our eavesdrop on phone sex line which enables you to listen in on other hot phone sex calls with the option of joining the conversation at any time.

With nudenumbers we not only provide phone sex services to an exclusive UK audience but will soon be pleased to offer a wide ranging and ever expanding international phone sex service which will include countries such as America, Germany, Canada, France, Turkey & Australia.
    updated 17-Dec-2007
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